Contemporary Hispanic Caribbean Poetry – Issue 9

This issue is dedicated to explore contemporary Hispanic Caribbean Poetry. Venezuelan poets Gladys Mendía, Antonio Robles, Marta Sojo and Julieta Arella; Cuban poets Octavio Armand, Katherine Bisquet and Ketty Blanco; Salvadoran poet Tania Pleitez Vela; Puerto Rican poet Julio César Pol; Colombian poets Annabell Manjarrés Freyle and Irina Henríquez; and Dominican poets León Félix Batista and Neronessa are published in translation in the habitual bilingual amazing edition of the magazine co-edited by Jèssica Pujol and Gladys Mendía. We also invited the Venezuelan writer Adalber Salas Hernández and Costa Rican Carlos Fonseca, who contributed an essay and a short story respectively, for this issue.

Our goal with this issue of Alba is to move away from a static vision of Caribbean literature in Spanish, and to consider a variety of new, outward-looking and often risky proposals of what a Spanish-language Caribbean literature might constitute. Possibilities relating to concerns with otherness, orality, memory and marooning abound.